What is Proxmox Hypervisor?

Proxmox VE is a complete, open-source server management platform for enterprise virtualization. It tightly integrates the KVM hypervisor and Linux Containers (LXC), software-defined storage and networking functionality, on a single platform. With the integrated web-based user interface you can manage VMs and containers, high availability for clusters, or the integrated disaster recovery tools with ease.

The enterprise-class features and a 100% software-based focus make Proxmox VE the perfect choice to virtualize your IT infrastructure, optimize existing resources, and increase efficiencies with minimal expense. You can easily virtualize even the most demanding of Linux and Windows application workloads, and dynamically scale computing and storage as your needs grow, ensuring that your data center adjusts for future growth.

Why Monitor Proxmox Hypervisor?

Since many “real” infrastructures these days are rapidly becoming “virtual”, a simple-to-use, cost-effective, resource-thin solution like Proxmox Hypervisor is gaining immense popularity. Moreover, VMs configured on the Proxmox Hypervisor virtualize even the most demanding of Linux and Windows application workloads. This implies that critical business services can be delivered using virtual applications deployed on the Proxmox Hypervisor. Owing to these dependencies, a resource crunch experienced by the virtual environment can grossly affect the quality of the business service / user experience with the target hypervisor. To avoid this, 24 x 7 monitoring of the resource usage by the Proxmox Hypervisor and nodes and VMs on the hypervisor is imperative. For this purpose, eG Enterprise offers an exclusive monitoring model for monitoring the Proxmox Hypervisor.