Built on 100% MLC flash, Pure Storage FlashArray delivers all - flash enterprise storage that is 10X faster, more space and power efficient, more reliable, and infinitely simpler, and yet typically cost less than traditional performance disk arrays.

With PureStorage FlashArray, organizations can dramatically reduce the complexity of storage to make IT more agile and efficient, accelerating your journey to the cloud. PureStorage FlashArray performance can also make your business smarter by unleashing the power of real - time analytics, driving customer loyalty, and creating new, innovative customer experiences that simply weren’t possible with disk. PureStorage FlashArray enables you to transform your data center, cloud, or entire business with an affordable all - flash array capable of consolidating and accelerating all your key applications. Any failure detected in the hardware or software of such storage platforms may result in the loss of huge amount of data. Anything that renders the data inaccessible or delays access to data, such as a disk failure or an I/O overload, can be disastrous to these mission-critical IT environments. This is why, it is important that the Pure Storage FlashArray is continuously monitored for performance flaws – both small or big! This is where eG Enterprise helps storage administrators.