RSA Instance Replication Status Test

A deployment of the RSA Authentication Manager includes a primary instance, and one or more replica instances. The primary instance is the Authentication Manager appliance that you deployed initially. The replica instances are added to the deployment to provide deployment-level redundancy of the primary instance. This redundant deployment protects the appliance against unexpected failures and hardware disasters, facilitates scheduled maintenance, and ensures availability of all authentication services. In the deployment, the primary instance handles all administration and user authentication operations and replicates the operation log data on every replica instance. This way, the replica instance is synchronized with the primary instance. Whenever the primary instance is under maintenance, or down or failed, administrators may want the replica instance to take over quickly from the primary instance. If the replica instance is unresponsive or unable to take over the primary instance quickly, then, there may be too much of non-sync between the primary instance and the replica instance. This in turn may cause delay in authentication operations and result in data loss and performance lag. To avoid such eventualities, administrators should monitor the status of the replica instance periodically. The RSA Instance Replication Status test aids administrators in this exercise!

This test auto-discovers the replica instances in the target RSA Authentication Manager deployments, and accurately reveals the current status of each replica instance.

Target of the test : A RSA Authentication Manager

Agent deploying the test : An external agent

Outputs of the test : One set of results for every replication instance of the RSA Authentication being monitored.

The figure below depicts the test configuration page of this test. Click on the parameters in the figure below to know what they are and how to configure them.

Measurements made by the test
Measurement Description Measurement Unit Interpretation

Replication status

Indicates the current replication status of this replica instance.


The values reported by this measure and its numeric equivalents are mentioned in the table below:

Measure value Numeric Value
Healthy 100
Out of Sync 99


By default, this measure reports the Measure Values listed in the table above to indicate the current replication status of this instance. The graph of this measure however, represents the replication status of the instance using the numeric equivalents only - 100 and 99.