Riverbed SteelHead appliance is used to improve the performance of distributed client-server systems. SteelHead appliances can be deployed in minutes. They are completely transparent and can be installed in the data path or out-of-path, without interfering with your applications. Whether you have a hub-and-spoke or mesh topology, you can begin by installing just two appliances, and then roll out additional boxes to key sites in your enterprise, as required. You can also deploy SteelHead appliances all at once at every site. Traffic is automatically optimized when another SteelHead appliance is installed on the other side of the WAN.

SteelHead appliance is ideal for organizations that want to improve application performance and data transfers served over a wide area network. The series is engineered for seamless network integration into remote sites and data centers, with scalable performance designed to support a growing number of users, devices, and data.

You can use this appliance as an application-performance barrier. For instance, if you are an international Navy needing to optimize communication with a distributed fleet or an enterprise building out your private cloud, the SteelHead appliance delivers the performance and ROI necessary to ensure your project’s success.

This means that even the slightest dip in the performance of Riverbed SteelHead can adversely impact user experience with the application. To avoid this, administrators should continuously measure the performance of the appliance, instantly detect anomalies, and fix them before users notice. This is where eG Enterprise helps. eG Enterprise notifies administrators of abnormalities in appliance performance, so that they can promptly intervene and do the needful to resolve them.