Monitoring Riverbed SteelHead

eG Enterprise offers a dedicated monitoring model for Riverbed SteelHead which periodically monitors the system status, connection status, application traffic, CPU usage, Data Store and uptime of the appliance.

Figure 1 : Riverbed SteelHead Layer

Using the metrics reported by the tests mapped to this layer, administrators can find quick and accurate answers to certain persistent performance queries, such as the following:

  • Is Riverbed SteelHead appliance available?
  • How long the appliance has been up since the last reboot?

  • How well the CPU is utilized by the SteelHead appliance?

  • Is the Data Store running without space?
  • How much network traffic has been generated by the Source and Destination IPs? Which IP address is responsible for generating the maximum load?

  • How much network traffic has generated by the application? Which application port is consuming maximum bandwidth?
  • What is the current status of the processes running on the Riverbed SteelHead appliance?