Monitoring the SAP TREX server

The eG Enterprise embeds a specialized monitoring model for the SAP TREX server (see Figure 1), using which the performance of the critical services and components of the server can be tracked, issues affecting server-performance captured at the earliest, and the root-cause of the issues promptly traced and treated before it adversely impacts the business in the overall SAP environment.

Figure 1 : The layer model of the SAP TREX server

Every layer depicted by Figure 1 is associated with a series of tests, each of which seeks to answer the following questions related to the performance of the SAP TREX server:

  • Is the server accessible when a HTTP request is simulated?;
  • What is the current configuration status of the RFC server?;
  • How many threads were configured for the RFC server?;
  • What is the current status of the RFC server?;
  • What is the current CPU and disk usage of the SAP TREX server?;
  • How well the search requests, indexing requests and merging requests were processed by the SAP TREX server?;
  • How many indices were available in a location other than the default directory?;
  • How many indices were valid?;
  • How many indexes were valid in the Fast Search infrastructure module?;
  • What is the maximum size allocated to the global dictionary and what is the current size of the global dictionary?;
  • What is the current status of each index?;
  • How effective was each index in search and query operations?;
  • What is the current state of the queues within each queue group?;
  • What is the current state of documents in the queues that are within each queue group?;
  • How many threads are allocated to each service of the SAP TREX server?;
  • How many threads are currently running, idle, suspended etc for each service?;
  • How many messages of the configured patterns were added to the logs?

Since the Operating System, TCP and Network layers of Figure 1 have already been discussed in detail in the Monitoring Unix and Windows Servers document, let us now focus on the remaining layers in the forthcoming sections.

Pre-Requisites for monitoring SAP TREX server

The eG Enterprise is capable of monitoring the SAP TREX server in an agent-based manner. Prior to monitoring the SAP TREX server, administrators should ensure that the eG agent installed user has the rights to execute the scripts on the directory in which the SAP TREX server has been installed.