Why Monitor SSAS?

SSAS is typically used in conjunction with popular Business Intelligence solutions such as Power BI, Excel, SSRS etc. The data models built using SSAS serve as data sources for these widely-used business applications, and aid in effective decision-making. Unavailability of SSAS can therefore bring these BI solutions to a standstill! Likewise, performance issues experienced when building the data models - say, improperly configured cache, inadequate memory, badly written MDX, processing bottlenecks, etc. - can impact the business analytics derived from the models. This is why, it is imperative that administrators monitor the availability and operations of SSAS. Monitoring helps administrators promptly detect abnormalities, and rapidly initiate measures to eliminate them, so that SSAS continues to feed useful and accurate business data to BI applications and helps business leaders take intelligent, informed, timely business decisions.