Configuring Tests for Salesforce

Once the component is added for monitoring, do the following to configure its tests:

  1. Clicking the Update button in the Add Component page will invoke Figure 2, where you can see the Salesforce organization you just added.

    Figure 2 : Viewing the Salesforce organization that was added

  2. Click the icon corresponding to the Salesforce component listing in Figure 2 to configure its tests. Figure 3 will then appear.

    Figure 3 : Selecting the test to be configured

  3. The UNCONFIGURED TESTS list in Figure 3 will display the tests that require manual configuration. Select any of the tests displayed in the UNCONFIGURED TESTS list box to configure it. Say, you pick the Salesforce API Access test for configuration.Figure 4 will then appear.

    Figure 4 : Configuring the Salesforce API Access test

    Refer to the Salesforce API Access Test topic to know how to configure the test.

  4. Once you configure the test, click the Update button.

  5. Configuring this test will automatically configure all other tests listed in the UNCONFIGURED TESTS list box.

  6. Finally, sign out of the eG admin interface.