Why Monitor Salesforce?

Because of its scalable, easily customizable, multi-tenant, architecture, Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM systems available out there! As a result, you have many enterprises using Salesforce for managing their businesses efficiently, and many users within the enterprise using Salesforce to perform critical business operations.

If such enterprise users frequently complain of not being able to access the Salesforce org (a.k.a organization, which in turn refers to a particular customer of a Salesforce application), or of storage breakdowns in the shared Salesforce database, or of imprudently set 'resource usage limits' limiting their ability to use Salesforce fully, then user productivity is bound to be impacted. The result? Crucial business transactions may be stalled, thereby adversely impacting the bottomline! 

To avoid this, administrators must continuously monitor the availability, responsiveness, and resource usage of a Salesforce organization, so they can proactively detect performance issues and resolve them before the business is impacted.