Alert Filter

By default, all eG alarms are displayed in the SCOM console. If required, you can have eG alarms of specific priorities/severities alone to be displayed in the SCOM console. To achieve this, do the following:

  1. Edit the eg_scom.ini file in the <EG_MANAGER_INSTALL_DIR>\manager\config directory.
  2. By default, the StatePriority parameter in the [misc_args] section is set to All, indicating that all eG alarms are displayed in the SCOM console by default.
  3. To ensure that alarms of a specific priority are alone displayed in the SCOM console, set the StatePriority parameter to a specific priority. For instance, to display only Critical alarms in the SCOM console, your specification should be:


  4. You can even provide a comma-separated list of priorities against StatePriority. For instance:


  5. Finally, save the file.