Closing Alerts in the SCOM Console

The eG-SCOM integration is by default uni-directional. In other words, it is the eG manager that communicates state changes and alarm transitions to the SCOM server, and not the other way round. By default therefore, an alarm deleted in the eG manager gets automatically closed in the SCOM server, but an alarm that is closed using the SCOM console, does not get automatically deleted in the eG manager. This default behavior however, can be overridden starting from v6.0 of the eG Enterprise. From v6.0, the eG SCOM Connector can be configured to automatically delete alarms in the eG manager, as soon as the same alarms are closed in the SCOM console. To enable this capability, follow the steps below:

  • Stop the eG SCOM Connector service.
  • Edit the ConnectorService.exe.config file located in the <EG_SCOM_CONNECTOR_INSTALL_DIR> directory.
  • Look for the following entry in the file:

    <add key="BidirectionalAlertClosing" value="false" />

  • Change the text “false” in the above entry to “true”.
  • Finally, save the file.
  • Start the eG SCOM Connector service.