How Does the eG Universal Management Pack for SCOM Work?

Figure 1 depicts how the integration works.

Figure 1 : How the eG Universal Management Pack for SCOM works

The eG Universal MP for SCOM includes the following components:

  • The eG SCOM Connector: The eG SCOM Connector is a software component, which needs to be installed and started on a system hosting a SCOM agent. The connector polls the eG manager at pre-configured intervals to retrieve the complete list of components/layers/tests/descriptors managed by the eG Enterprise system, import the required eG management packs, and inserts corresponding monitoring objects in the SCOM server via the SCOM SDK. In addition, from time to time, the connector pulls out the state of the managed components/layers/test/descriptors/measures from the eG manager, and publishes the state information to an eventlog called eG Enterprise on the local machine. 
  • The SCOM Agent: The SCOM agent, which runs on the same system as the connector, uses its Health Service to manage the state of all the eG monitoring objects in the SCOM server. The SCOM agent executes the unit monitors created in the eG management pack for every measurement reported by the eG Enterprise system. Upon execution, the unit monitors listen for any new eventlog entries in the eG Enterprise log. If a new entry is created in the eventlog, the unit monitors execute and update the SCOM server with the state information. The SCOM server then processes the state information so received, and accordingly changes the state of the monitoring objects. 

Every time the state of a monitoring object changes, the SCOM server automatically generates alerts. Likewise, once the object is restored to normalcy, the SCOM server automatically closes the alert.