Scaling the eG Universal MP for SCOM

The eG Universal MP for SCOM lets you easily scale up to meet the growing monitoring needs of an IT infrastructure that uses SCOM. The ways to achieve it are explained in the below sections.

Configuring Multiple eG SCOM Connectors for a Single eG Manager

The number of eG-managed components a single SCOM connector can support depends upon the processing capability of the SCOM agent. Where hundreds of components are to be monitored, to ensure scalability, one may wish to setup multiple connectors on different machines, each of which integrates with the same eG manager.

Figure 1 : A single eG manager communicating with multiple eG SCOM connectors

The process of installing and configuring each of these connectors is the same as what has been discussed in the previous sections. However, while doing so, consider the following points:

  • Configure the same SDK user account in all connectors.
  • Configure different manager IDs (for the same eG manager) – one for each eG SCOM connector.
  • Every connector is configured with a unique eG user. Only the list of components assigned to that user get integrated with SCOM.
  • Each eG user has to be associated with a unique list of components.  If say, two users are assigned the same component, component discovery will fail for the second user.

Integrating Multiple eG Managers with SCOM

Typically, a single eG manager can monitor up to 3000 components/devices. In large IT infrastructures, where tens of thousands of components are to be monitored, multiple eG managers are common-place. To ensure the scalability of the eG Universal MP in such environments, a dedicated eG SCOM connector setup is required for every eG manager.

Figure 2 : Integrating multiple managers with SCOM

The following configuration guidelines need to be followed for this specific case.

  • Configure the same SDK user account in all connectors.
  • Configure a different manager ID for every connector.
  • The eG management pack which gets installed on the SCOM server will be common for all connectors.  The configuration tool automatically determines whether/not multiple connectors are configured on the SCOM server. If some other connector is already using the eG management pack, the tool will skip the import/delete operation for the eG management pack. 


If two/more managers that are to be integrated with SCOM have IC/aggregate tests with the same names, then before integrating these managers with SCOM, make sure that these common tests report the same measures – i.e., the names, functionality, and the count of measures should be the same.