Configuring Tests for the Microsoft SharePoint Online Component

After adding a Microsoft SharePoint Online component, click the Sign out button at the right, top corner of the eG admin interface to exit that interface. Doing so will invoke the list of tests that need to be manually configured for the managed SharePoint Online component.

Figure 1 : List of tests to be manually configured for Microsoft SharePoint Online

Click on any of the tests in Figure 1 to configure it. Say, you want to configure the File Operations test. Clicking on that test in Figure 1 will open Figure 2.

Figure 2 : Configuring the File Operations test

This test emulates a file upload, download, checkin, checkout, and delete operation, and reports the status and time taken by each operation. In the process, the test proactively alerts administrators to the failure/slowness in a file operation, thereby enabling them to investigate and resolve the bottleneck before users complain. To know what parameters this test takes and how to configure it, refer to the File Operations Test topic. Once the test is configured, click the Update button in Figure 2 to save the test configuration. Once again, try to sign out of the eG admin interface.

You will now be prompted to configure the Site Connectivity test (see Figure 3).

Figure 3 : A message prompting you to configure the Site Connectivity test

For each site that is configured for monitoring, this test, at frequent intervals, emulates an HTTP/S connection to that site and reports on the availability and responsiveness of that site.

Click on the test inFigure 3 to configure it. Figure 4 will then appear.

Figure 4 : Configuring the Site Connectivity test

Refer to the Site Connectivity Test topic to know how to configure this test. Once the test is configured, click the Update button to save the changes. Finally, sign out of the eG admin interface.