Monitoring the Siebel Application 7.x Server

The Siebel Application Server has one or more physical servers and is the middle tier of the enterprise architecture. These servers run the components (i.e., programs/tasks that run on the Siebel server to service user requests) that provide all business logic to the clients.

Performance degradations experienced by the Siebel Application server can therefore cause fatal errors in business logic execution, and can even bring the entire Siebel environment to a stand-still, thereby causing customer dissatisfaction and related revenue losses.

It is hence imperative to constantly 'watch over' the functioning of the Siebel server, so that probable anomalies are promptly isolated and addressed before they can adversely impact the customer experience. 

The Siebel Application monitoring model (see Figure 1) that eG Enterprise offers exclusively for the Siebel application server, runs a wide variety of tests that execute commands on the application server to determine the overall health of the Siebel server, and its availability to service client requests.


Figure 1 : The layer model for the Siebel Application server.