The Gateway Server is a logical server that consists of the Siebel Name Server and optionally Resonate Central Dispatch. These two components can reside on separate physical servers. The Gateway Name Server is a repository for configuration information about each Siebel Server. When Siebel Servers or components come online or go offline the Name Server data is refreshed with the connect strings. Clients will also use the Gateway Name server to connect to the Siebel Servers if Resonate Central Dispatch (which is used to load balance and manage client connections to Siebel Enterprise) is not implemented.

Since the Name server component of the Gateway server maintains the connectivity information pertaining to every component in Siebel Enterprise, the 24 x 7 availability of the Name server is crucial to the functioning of the Gateway server, and also for ensuring that client connections to Siebel servers are not disrupted. This where the eG Enterprise hlps administrator!