Siebel Accesses Test

This test reports how often and for how long the configured application modules on the Siebel web server were accessed.

Target of the test : A Siebel web server

Agent deploying the test : An internal or remote agent

Outputs of the test : One set of results for each Siebel module monitored.

Configurable parameters for the test
Parameter Description

Test period

How often should the test be executed.


The hostname (or IP address) of the Siebel web server.


The port number on which the Siebel web server is listening.


Specify the URL of the Siebel web server being monitored.


Provide a comma-separated list of Siebel modules that need to be monitored. For example, callcenter,eai,ecustomer.

Measurements made by the test
Measurement Description Measurement Unit Interpretation

Application hits

Indicates the number of current hits to this application.


The value reported by this measure signifies the load to the specific Siebel application; it could also indicate how popular the application is.

Session life span

Indicates the duration of sessions to this application.