How does eG Enterprise Monitor Snowflake?

eG Enterprise monitors Snowflake in an agentless manner. The first step to connect to Snowflake is to create a monitoring user. The monitoring user is created in each database with 'Account Admin' privilege which is the highest level of privilege.

For eG Enterprise to connect to Snowflake, below information is required.

Account Identifier: Account identifier uniquely identifies a Snowflake account on Snowflake cloud service within your organization, as well as throughout the global network of Snowflake-supported cloud platforms. An Account Identifier is assigned to each client at the time of account creation.

Connection Parameters: Below connection parameters are required:

  • Warehouse Name: The warehouse which needs to be monitored.

  • Database: Target database present in the warehouse which needs to be monitored.

  • User: The user created for monitoring purpose as described above.

  • Schema: The schema in the database to be used.

eG Enterprise uses JDBC to connect to Snowflake cloud service. It support JDBC type 4 driver that supports JDBC functionality. The driver must be installed in a 64-bit environment and required Java 15 (only). The connection requires connection string in the following format:



Below are key prerequisites for connecting and monitoring Snowflake -

  • Snowflake subscription is live, and account identifier is available.

  • In the customer Snowflake account, a user needs to be created with account admin access which is used only for monitoring purpose.