How eG Enterprise Monitors Solaris LDoms?

eG Enterprise monitors Solaris LDoms using an agent that is deployed on the control or primary domain of the Solaris LDoms server. This agent is configured to extract critical resource-usage metrics pertaining to the Solaris host, primary domain, and guest domains. To know how to install the eG agent in the control or primary domain refer to Installing the eG Agent

Installing the eG Agent

To monitor a Solaris LDoms server inside-out, the eG agent should be installed on the control domain. The control domain is a Solaris-variant, and hence, you need to install a Solaris agent on it. The installation procedure is the same as that of a normal Solaris agent. For a detailed installation procedure, refer to the eG Installation Guide.


While configuring the eG agent using the setup_agent script, ensure that the script is executed only by a user who belongs to the root group.