SolidFire’s storage system combines all-SSD performance with highly efficient data distribution and management. Embedded granular thin provisioning, multi-layer data compression and global data deduplication techniques that solve traditional storage deficiencies making flash at scale an economic reality while delivering superior performance.

SolidFire’s scale-out architecture ensures network, cache, and compute resources grow in tandem with capacity as the cluster is expanded. Compared with a more conventional scale-up model, the SolidFire scale-out architecture delivers linear performance gains as customers increase capacity by adding nodes to the cluster.

Since the continuous availability of  the storage is critical to the target environments, even the slightest dips in the performance of the storage servers can adversely impact the smooth functioning of those environments. Continuous monitoring of the storage servers is hence essential so that, issues can be promptly identified and resolved. This can be achieved by monitoring the SolidFire Storage system.