Monitoring the Sun Java System Directory Server

The eG Sun ONE monitor offers extensive infrastructure monitoring capabilities for the Sun ONE application suite. Pre-built models for Sun ONE web, application, directory, and messaging servers dictate what metrics are to be collected by eG agents, what thresholds are to be applied to the metrics, and how the metrics are to be correlated in order to assist with problem diagnosis.

Figure 3 depicts the SunONE Directory Server monitoring model offered by the eG Enterprise.

Figure 3 : The layer model of the Sun Java System Directory server

Using the model depicted by Figure 3, the following can be monitored:

  • Is the directory server available? If so, how quickly is it responding to user requests?
  • Are the database and entry caches optimally utilized? Are too many requests to any database been fulfilled by direct disk accesses?
  • Is the Directory server overloaded with connection requests?
  • Are too many operations awaiting processing by the server?