SunRay Software is a secure, cost effective solution that delivers a virtual Windows, Linux or Solaris OS desktop to SunRay clients. It enables organizations to centrally manage and control the end-user desktop experience from the server, not the client, thereby virtually eliminating desktop maintenance.

Though the SunRay technology is designed to provide immunity to the server from availability issues caused by client-induced viruses, a bad network connection can still render the server unavailable to a SunRay client; this can deny the client access to critical desktops. Similarly, if the administrator inadvertently disables a crucial device service on the SunRay server – eg., the smart card reader – it can result in unsecured, unauthenticated Windows sessions to be alive on the SunRay server; data loss/theft will then become inevitable!

By periodically monitoring the SunRay server and the network connections leading to it, such problems can be averted. This is where eG Enterprise helps administrators.