How to Monitor TeraText Content Server using eG Enterprise?

eG Enterprise is capable of monitoring the TeraText Content Server in both agent-based and agentless manners. To make the eG agent to collect metrics from the server, a set of pre-requisites should be fulfilled before attempting to monitor. These requirements are discussed below.

Pre-requisites for Monitoring the TeraText Content Server

Follow the steps below before attempting to manage the TeraText Content Server using the eG Enterprise system:

  1. Copy the teratext-asn1-5.3.3.jar and teratext-dbs-api-5.3.3.jar files from the <TERATEXT_INSTALL_DIR> to the <EG_AGENT_INSTALL_DIR>\lib folder on the target Content Server and the server on which eG external agent is running.
  2. If the eG agent is installed on a Windows host, modify the debugoff.bat and debugon.bat files to append the path of these two jar files into class path. Then, run the debugoff.bat file and restart the eG agent.
  3. On Unix installations of the eG agent, modify the script file and append the path of the jar files to the class path. Then, restart the eG agent.