TeraText is a non-relational text database. It is used to store and search through large amounts of textual data. TeraText operation utilises a heavy client server model. A basic setup can consist of a Content Server (CS), Advanced Search Interface, Application Server (AS), Security Server (SLS) and a Boot Server (boots).

The TeraText Content Server application provides a database server application that can store and manage records containing text accessible using Z39.50 network protocol interfaces. The TeraText Content Server application also provides proprietary network protocol interfaces that are accessible using TeraText administrative console interfaces to manage server services.

The sudden non-availability of the Content Server or a significant delay in the search operations performed by the server can severely impact the overall health of the TeraText database. To ensure peak performance of the database therefore, administrators need to always be on the look out for anomalies - both real and potential ones. This where eG Enterprise helps administrators to achieve their duty.