Pre-requisites for Client Session Simulation

The primary requirement for Client Session Simulation is to have AppsMon for Windows v5.2 installed. For an elaborate procedure on the installation of Itexis - AppsMon for Windows, refer to the AppsMon for Windows manuals.



Since the AppsMon for Windows emulates real user transactions by opening client applications and emulating user clicks on the client application, AppsMon for Windows requires complete control of the system on which it executes. Therefore, the AppsMon for Windows should be installed on a dedicated system.

Other key requirements in AppsMon's side includes the following:



Recording station

  • Must have Monitor, keyboard, mouse.

  • .NET framework 4.5.x and above

  • Windows 8 and above

  • Visual C++ 2012 redistributable pack for x86 version

  • SharePoint designer 2007 (Only if the customer needs OCR check i.e.: string check instead of image check)


    SharePoint designer does not have OCR check enabled by default. To enable the option, follow the below mentioned sequence of steps:

    Customize -> Microsoft Office -> Office Tools -> Microsoft Office Document Imaging -> Scanning, OCR & Indexing service filter

  • Itexis AppsMon will need to be installed separate from eG agent (eG Innovations will provide a node-locked license)

Playback Station

  • No need for any monitor, keyboard or mouse. Physical machine or VM is enough

  • Must have the same display resolution as the recording station

  • A user account with local administrator rights should also be logged in at all times for the simulation to run continuously. Alternatively, the Windows Auto Logon feature can be enabled, so that the machine is automatically logged in and the script runs automatically. To know how to enable this feature, refer to Enabling the Windows Auto Logon Feature Feature.
  • Playback station screen must be unlocked.
  • Playback station should not have a screensaver appear

  • Itexis AppsMon will need to be installed separate from eG agent (eG Innovations will provide a node-locked license)


If it is a physical desktop, then whenever a user connects to that desktop using RDP, the session should not be terminated; instead reboot the entire desktop.

The other requirements are as follows:

  • Ensure that AppsMon license is deployed on both the recording station and playback station

  • An eG manager with client emulation license enabled and sufficient external agent licenses