Steps for Integrating eG with Itexis-AppsMon for Windows

The primary steps involved in the eG - Itexis-AppsMon for Windows integration are as follows:

  1. Install the AppsMon for Windows development environment and building a script file using it. For an elaborate procedure on the installation of Itexis AppsMon for Windows, refer to the AppsMon for Windows manuals.

  2. Once the development environment is installed, proceed to record a test script. A test script is a sequence of actions that are recorded as a user accesses one of the services in the target infrastructure.

  3. Copy the recorded script file from the Recording station to the Playback station. Note that the path to the file should be the same on both the stations.

  4. The recorded script can then be played back to emulate user accesses to the service. Image and text recognition techniques are used during playback to determine whether playback of a script succeeded or not.

  5. Use the eG administrative interface to configure the script playback.

  6. Next, start the external agent which will playback the script, and finally, view the measures returned by AppsMon for Windows in the eG monitor interface

The sections to come will take the help of an illustrated example to explain how eG client emulation works. This example deals with a web application.