How does eG Enterprise Monitor End-User Experience with Web Sites/Web Applications?

eG Enterprise is one of those rare monitoring solutions that provides multi-dimensional end-user experience monitoring. Using eG, user experience with web-based services can be measured using both synthetic and real user transactions.

eG Enterprise joins hands with third-party emulation tools such as Tevron’s Citra Test and Itexis AppsMon, to record every step of a user interaction with a web site/web application, and plays back the recording at configured intervals to capture the availability and response time of each step.

Complementing the transaction emulation approach, is eG’s real user monitoring approach! eG’s Real User Monitor tracks LIVE, the transactions of real users (not emulated) to web sites/web applications, and measures the response time of each transaction – i.e., page view - in real-time. In the process, the eG Real User Monitor promptly alerts administrators to slow page views, and isolates the exact tier where user experience was bottlenecked – was it at the front end tier? backend tier? Or the network tier?