Do you want to limit the page views

By default, the eG RUM monitors all requests to a managed web site. This is why, this flag is set to No by default. However, in case of web sites that receive thousands of hits every day, monitoring each page view may add significantly to the overhead of the eG agent and may also increase the size of the eG database considerably. To reduce the strain on both the eG agent and the eG backend, you may want to restrict the monitoring scope of this test to a few page visits. To achieve this, first set this flag to Yes. This will invoke the option depicted by Figure 10.

Figure 40 : Configuring the number of allowed page visits

By default, the maximum allowed page visits per day is set to 100000. This implies that the test will consider only the first 100000 requests in a day for monitoring. All page visits beyond 100000 will by default be excluded from the test’s monitoring purview. You can increase or decrease this limit, if you so need.