Maximum slow transactions in DD

By default, this parameter is set to 5 indicating that the detailed diagnosis of this test will display metrics related to the top-5 slow transactions, in terms of the Average page load time, for each measurement period in the timeline chosen for detailed diagnosis. To identify the top 5, the eG agent sorts all slow transactions in a measurement period in the descending  order of their Average page load time, and picks the first 5 transactions from this sorted list for display in the detailed diagnosis page and for storing in the eG database.

You can however, increase or decrease this value depending upon how many slow transactions you want to see in your detailed diagnosis, and how well-tuned or well-sized the eG database is.   

If you do not want the detailed diagnosis to include any slow transaction, set the value of this parameter to 0. To view all slow transactions, set the value of this parameter to all. Before setting the  value of this parameter to all, make sure that you have a well-sized eG database in place, as this setting will store details of every transaction that registers an Avg page load time value that is higher than the slow transaction cutoff specification. On a bad day, this can result in numerous transactions, and can consume considerable space in the eG database.