Slow transaction cutoff (ms)

This test reports the count of slow page views and also pinpoints the pages that are slow. To determine whether/not a page is slow, this test uses the slow transaction cutoff parameter. By default, this parameter is set to 4000 millisecs (i.e., 4 seconds). This means that, if a page takes more than 4 seconds to load, this test will consider that page as a slow page by default. You can increase or decrease this slow transaction cutoff according to what is ‘slow’ and what is ‘normal’ in your environment.   


The default value of this parameter is the same as the default Maximum threshold setting of the Avg page load time measure – i.e., both are set to 4000 millisecs by default. While the former helps eG to distinguish between slow and healthy page views for the purpose of providing detailed diagnosis, the latter tells eG when to generate an alarm on Avg page load time. For best results, it is recommended that both these settings are configured with the same value at all times. Therefore, if you change the value of one of these configurations, then make sure you update the value of the other as well. For instance, if the slow trasaction cutoff is changed to 6000 millisecs, change the Maximum Threshold of the Avg page load time measure to 6000 millsecs as well.