Troubleshooting Using the RUM Logger

To enable administrators to easily troubleshoot issues related to eG’s real user monitor, eG Enterprise provides a specialized Logger. The logger logs key functions of the eG RUM collector and the eG agent that pulls data from the collector in various log files.

For the eG RUM collector, the logger creates the following log files in the <EG_RUM_DATA_COLECTOR_INSTALL_DIR>\tomcat\webapps\rumcollector\web-inf\rum\logs directory (on Windows; on Unix, this will be the /opt/rum/tomcat/webapps/rumcollector/web-inf/rum/logs directory):

Log file name Purpose


Tracks all initialization activities performed by the RUM collector


Tracks how the RUM collector responds to requests from the eG agent


Tracks all activities related to transmission of beacons to the RUM collector and the writing of metrics to flat files by the collector

For the eG agent, the logger creates a rum.log file in the <EG_AGENT_INSTALL_DIR>\agent\logs directory (on Windows; on Unix, this will be the /opt/egurkha/agent/logs directory). All activities related to the eG agent communication with the eG RUM collector are tracked by this log.