BTM Reports

A business transaction represents a type of user request to a web application. For instance, the following types of requests are considered business transactions for an online retail banking application:

  • Logging in
  • Balance checking
  • Funds transfer
  • Bill payments
  • Logging out

User experience with a web application not only relies on the successful completion of these user requests/transactions, but also on their rapid execution. This is why, even if a single transaction slows down, stalls, or fails, user dissatisfaction with the web application as a whole grows. This in turn may cause user complaints to increase, support costs to sky rocket, and revenues to dip. To avoid such disastrous results, eG Enterprise helps web application administrators monitor every business transaction closely using the eG Java Business Transaction Monitor (BTM) and promptly identify the slow/stalled/failed transactions. Most importantly, administrators can determine where and why these transactions under-performed – i.e., identify the root-cause of poor transaction performance - so that the problem can be quickly resolved before users begin doubting the stability of the web application.

While the eG Java Business Transaction Monitor (BTM) capability captures business transactions in real-time, the BTM Reports category offered by the eG Enterprise helps the administrators historically analyze the following:

  • The overall health of the Business transactions in real-time;
  • The top business transactions in terms of response time, popularity, errors and slowness;
  • The health of the business transactions on a particular date/day.

The forthcoming sections will elaborately discuss each report presented in this category.