Custom Reports

In environments where eG Enterprise is deployed, IT administrators generate a multitude of in-built reports using the eG Reporter interface. However, more often than not, administrators come up with requests for new reports to be created or enhancements to the existing reports. To cater to the needs of such administrators, eG Enterprise has introduced a new built-in utility called the Report Builder.

The Report Builder empowers customers and service providers to build their own custom reports and add them to the Reporter console. Using an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, IT administrators can build custom reports with different types of charts including bar chart, area chart, pie chart, stacked bar chart, heatmap, top-N chart and more and share the report with their team members or management.

To avail this capability, administrators need to do the following:

  • Create a custom report template.

  • Design the custom report templates by adding appropriate widgets.

  • Locate the created custom report template in the eG Custom Reports page that appears when you navigate though the menu sequence: REPORT BY FUNCTION -> Custom Reports - > Generate Reports.

  • Click the newly created template to generate the report.