Logon Simulation Reports

The eG Logon Simulator, a part of the eG Enterprise, is a purpose-built solution for delivering proactive visibility into the logon performance in virtual infrastructures. Using an agentless approach, the eG Logon Simulator simulates a user logging in to a web interface through a browser, reviewing the list of applications/desktops accessible, clicking on a selected application or desktop, launching it by initiating a session and then logging off. By emulating the exact same process that users go through when they logon to virtual machines/desktops, the eG Logon Simulator provides a realistic measure of the user experience during logon process. Since every simulation tests the entire virtual infrastructure, the results represent the cumulative health of all of the tiers supporting virtual logons.

For historical analysis of the simulated results, the eG Reporter provides a Logon Simulation Reports category. The reports can be generated for one/all applications (or desktops), or for one/all Logon Simulation agents.

The forthcoming sections will elaborately discuss each report presented in this category.