Microsoft IIS Reports

Web servers like Microsoft IIS servers are the heart of IT infrastructures in various domains - Healthcare, Banking, Trading, Logistics, etc. To ensure scalability and high performance, most web sites are being architected to use the multi-tier model - i.e., with the web server (IIS, Apache, etc.) functioning as the front-end, the middleware application server (J2EE, .Net based, etc.) that hosts the business logic functioning as the mid-tier, and a database server (SQL, Oracle, etc.) as the backend. In such architectures, the web server plays a pivotal role since all users to the other tiers are routed via the web server and hence, any slowdown or problem in the web server tier can adversely impact the end user experience.

In today's modern world, transactions performed on a web site is growing manifold. Administrators may often want to a report that provides a summary of the performance of key web transaction metrics for each web site. The Microsoft IIS Reports category offers administrators with such a report.

he forthcoming section will elaborately discuss the report presented in this category.