RUM Reports

In the recent past, with the advancement of IT solutions and mobile devices, many businesses have transformed into e-businesses and had started offering online services to the users through web sites/web applications. Using these web sites/web applications, users are accessing services like banking, ticket booking and shopping at their convenience. With the advancement of this technology, the growth rate of the businesses touched its peak and the revenues increased manifold! The administrators of such business services started focusing on measuring the availability and performance of their web sites/web applications while they were completely unaware of a user perspective to their web site/web application or in other words, ignored the user experience of their web site/web application. On the other hand, from a user’s point of view, if the web site/web application is slow/inaccessible, he/she will term it as a ‘failure of service’ by the service provider. But in reality, the problem may not be with the web site/web application and it may be with any one of the infrastructure tiers ranging between frontend, network and backend storage. The users are vary of such facts and often blame the web site/web application alone in this regard. Hence, administrators require a complete solution that can help them in the following:

  • Monitor the web site/web application efficiently and report abnormal delays while accessing the web site/web application;
  • Perform hostirical analysis and past performance trends of the web site/web application beased on various factors affecting the user experience such as browsers, devices, geographic locations etc, so that problem patterns are identified;

The eG Enterprise provides an exclusive Real User Monitoring capability that captures all real time transactions performed by the users on a web site/web application. Using this Real User monitoring capability, administrators can capture the real end user experience, accurately pin point the slowdowns and figure out the transactions that pose a threat to the end user experience. While the Real User Monitoring capability captures real time transactions, the RUM Reports category offered by the eG Enterprise helps the administrators analyze the following:

  • the day to day performance of the web site/web application and figure out if the performance is consistent;
  • compare the past performance trends of the web site/web application besed on geographic locations, browsers/devices used to access the web site/web application etc
  • the user experience based on the geographic locations, browsers, device types, page types, page groups.

The forthcoming sections will elaborately discuss each report presented in this category.