Report Configuration

For enhanced historical reports and analysis, eG Enterprise includes an optional eG Reporter solution. The eG Reporter offers comprehensive pre-canned and customizable reports of the availability, performance, and usage of the target infrastructure.

Basically, a few reports like the Executive, Comparison, and Snapshot reports do not require configuration by the eG administrator. All other reports generated by the eG Enterprise requires configuration. The Reporter option of the Settings tile that appears when the icon against the Admin tab is clicked, permits administrators to customize the reports. This option comprises of the following sub-menus:

  • Default Reports
  • Specific Reports
  • User Reports
  • Consolidated Reports
  • Capacity Planning Reports

eG Enterprise includes a number of pre-canned operation report templates. These templates define the set of metrics that are plotted together on the same timeline for cross-correlation and analysis. The menu options listed above provide various ways of overriding the defaults.