Virtual Applications / Desktops Reports

In thin client environments typically, a central server hosts all critical applications, and clients (called 'thin' clients due to their limited memory, CPU, and disk space requirement) are used just to access the applications on the server. Owing to the low licensing cost of applications, lower resource consumption by clients, centralized control, and easy access to applications, thin client or server-based computing has gained in significance. With an increase in popularity and size of deployment, the complexity of such infrastructures and consequently, their monitoring challenges have increased.

The eG Enterprise includes customized monitoring and reporting for Citrix, Terminal servers, and virtual desktop environments. The Citrix /VDI Reports category in the eG Reporter addresses the unique monitoring requirements of these thin client environments. This category provides valuable insights into different aspects of a thin client infrastructure’s performance. This includes:

  • Zone reports that provide a comprehensive overview of the health of the server farms;
  • User reports that allow administrators to focus on specific users, their activity on the server farms, the applications they often access, and the resources they consume;
  • Session reports that highlight session distribution across a farm and access patterns of users;
  • Application reports that report on the most popular applications in the farm as well as the most resource intensive applications.

The sections that follow will discuss each of these report options in great detail.


In order to enable administrators to monitor a server farm as a whole, eG Enterprise allows administrators to group all the VDI servers in a farm to a particular zone, and generate reports pertaining to the zone. If zones are not defined, all the servers in a user’s view are considered to be part of the Default zone for that user, and a zone report can be obtained for this zone.