Virtualization Reports

As the virtualization technology helps enterprises greatly in conserving space and resources, the last decade witnessed many enterprises virtualize their mission-critical service offerings, with the hope of transferring the reliability of virtualized platforms to their end-user services. Moreover, the recent rise in the popularity of “virtualism” has resulted in many new platforms invade the virtualization space - the leading players being VMware ESX, Citrix XenServers, Solaris LDoms, Microsoft HyperV, etc. In order to reap the benefits of each distinct technology, enterprises too are deploying more than one virtualization platform, thereby increasing the complexity of their service composition and adding to the administrator’s misery! Hence, administrators these days require a solution that can:

  • monitor heterogenous virtualized environments efficiently and report sporadic spikes in resource usage;
  • help perform effective comparative and time-based analysis of resource usage across physical servers and/or virtual machines on a server, so that problem patterns and problem sources come to light;

In recent times, eG Enterprise has emerged as an undisputed expert in the monitoring and management of a variety of virtualization platforms, namely: VMware ESX, Citrix XenServers, Solaris Containers, Solaris LDoms, and Microsoft Virtual Server. While the solution’s In-N-Out monitoring approach captures live the abnormalities in the actual and relative resource usage of VMs, the exclusive Virtualization report category that the tool provides enables administrators to perform the following easily and effectively:

  • oversee the performance of a physical server or a server farm over time;
  • compare the resource usage across physical servers;
  • analyze how resource-intensive the VMs on a server are by reviewing its impact on both the physical and allocated resources;

Towards this end, the Virtualization category offers the following reports.