Accessing the SuperManager Console

To access the eG SuperManager console, eG Enterprise offers a default egsm user. This user has the complete rights to access the eG SuperManager. Apart from this user, the users of the individual eG Managers that are configured to report to the eG SuperManager are also entitled to login to the eG SuperManager. Except for the egsm user, all other users have limited access to the eG SuperManager i.e., they are entitled to view only the entities assigned to them for monitoring from the SuperManager console.

Though the egsm user is capable of viewing all the entities collected by the eG managers, the configuration settings of the eG managers are different from that of the eG SuperManager. For example, the eG SuperManager can view the User Experience dashboard of a virtual user but cannot view the widgets customized in the dashboard by a user logged into the eG manager.