Business Dashboard

The administrator of the eG SuperManager (the default egsm user) often require a high-level view of the performance of the mission-critical business services in their infrastructure. This may comprise of all the business services on all the eG managers reporting to the eG SuperManager. The Business Dashboard provides this view in a form that is easy to comprehend and analyze. This dashboard quickly compares service demand with resource consumption and service quality to enable the administrator of the SuperManager to swiftly determine where service performance is most likely bottlenecked – at the demand level? resource consumption level? or user experience level? Moreover, it allows administrators to rapidly triage performance issues tier-wise, so that they can accurately isolate the tier where the problem originated.

Figure 1 : The Business Dashboard

You can customize the Business Dashboard to include demand, consumption, and quality indicators of your choice. To know more on how to customize the Business Dashboard, refer to Business Dashboard page.