Knowledge Base Search

The Fix History tab page allows you to view the details of fixes that are available for a chosen component, test, measure, and descriptor only. Administrators however, may require single-click access to the fixes related to all the managed components in the environment. They may also demand the flexibility to query the knowledge base for viewing only that problem/fix information that interests them. Therefore, to enable administrators to perform quick infrastructure-wide searches on the knowledge base and view the fix feedback of interest to them, the eG monitoring console offers the knowledge base search page. In environments where multiple eG managers are deployed and a SuperManager is involved in monitoring the entire infrastructure, the egsm user may want to view the fix feedback of components of his/her interest. To such egsm users too the KNOWLEDGE BASE SEARCH page may be of great help!

To access this page, follow the Miscellaneous -> Knowledge Base Search menu sequence.

Figure 1 : The Knowledge Base Search page