Measures Insight

eG agents are capable of extracting a wealth of performance information pertaining to the managed components. Larger the environment, larger will be the number of measures collected. The biggest challenge for the administrators of such large environments therefore, is to isolate and attend to the anomalies surrounding certain critical performance metrics. For instance, administrators of large, mission-critical Citrix environments might want to focus on some sensitive performance areas such as user sessions to the Citrix farm, resource usage by applications published on the farm, the rate of growth of the user profiles, etc. The metrics related to these areas are mapped to different layers and different tests of the Citrix monitoring model. Instead of taking the longer layer-test-measure route, administrators might prefer a single interface that provides a consolidated list of metrics collected from across the Citrix environment, so that they can easily pick and choose the metrics of interest to them. The MEASURES page (see Figure 1) that appears upon clicking the Measures menu option provides this much-needed measure focus.

Figure 1 : The MEASURES page

To know more about the MEASURES page, refer to Measures Insight section of the Monitoring Using eG Enterprise document.