Real User Monitors

The Real User Monitoring is a passive monitoring technology that records all real (not emulated) user transactions to a website or web application. In the process, response time metrics are collected for every transaction of each user in real-time. When there is no load, response time will not be captured! This way, the Real User Monitor captures the true user experience with a web site/web application.

eG’s Real User Monitor tracks LIVE, the transactions of real users (not emulated) to web sites/web applications, and measures the response time of each transaction – i.e., page view - in real-time. In the process, the eG Real User Monitor promptly alerts administrators to slow page views, and isolates the exact tier where user experience was bottlenecked – was it at the front end tier? backend tier? Or the network tier?

When an egsm user logs into the SuperManager, he/she has a holistic view of all the real user monitors that are monitored by individual eG managers reproting to the SuperManager. This helps the egsm user to pinpoint where exactly the problem lies and take remedial actions.

With the help of a bevy of visual tools – e.g., intuitive icons, color-coded values, miniature graphs, geo maps, etc. - this real-time dashboard helps administrators understand, from just a glance, the following:

  • How is the traffic to the managed web sites/web applications in your environment? Is the traffic to any web site/web application suspiciously high or low?
  • From which devices is this traffic coming from – desktops? Mobile phones? Or tablets? Which is the most popular device?
  • Is the user experience with any managed web service poor presently? If so, what is causing service quality to degrade – delay in page loading? Or JavaScript errors?
  • How many distinct users are currently connected to each web site / web application being monitored/ - this is a good indicator of the number of users who are truly contributing to the traffic on the web site.

This way, the dashboard facilitates the rapid identification of web sites/web applications in the overall environment that do not enjoy user confidence and the probable reasons for this unfavorable user perception.

To know more about the Real User Monitor dashboard, refer to The Real User Monitor document.

Figure 1 : The Real User Monitor dashboard