The Admin Menu and Toolbar

The Admin menu is available as tiles and can be invoked by clicking the 1 icon adjacent to the tab labelled Admin. The tiles that appear and the options they offer are as follows:

  • Infrastructure: This menu enables the administrator to discover, manage, and add/modify components to the eG Enterprise system, configure zones, services, segments, component groups, and component topologies.
  • Audits: eG Enterprise can be optionally configured to log every user action performed on the eG SuperManager user interface. Using the Audits menu, a variety of reports can then be generated based on the details logged, so as to enable the administrator to audit the following:

    • User logins to the eG Enterprise system
    • Failed login attempts to the eG Enterprise system
    • Configuration changes effected by users to the eG administrative interface
    • User activities with respect to the eG monitoring console

    By default, the 'audit logging' capability of the eG SuperManager is disabled. Therefore, the Audits menu will not be available by default.

    At the right, top corner of the Admin interface, you will find a tool bar. The table below briefly describes the tools provided by this tool bar:


    Tool Name



    Current user

    Move your mouse pointer over this tool to know who is currently logged in. Click on the tool to edit the profile of the user logged in.


    Quick links

    This feature is not available for the SuperManager.


    SuperManager notification

    Click here to pull down a message board, where the eG SuperManager displays useful messages for the administrator. Such messages may intimate administrator of agents that may not be running, or components recently managed and awaiting test configuration. 


    Quick alerts

    You can click on this icon from anywhere in the eG management console to take a quick look at the current alarms.



    Click here for a context-sensitive help page providing useful information pertaining to the page that is currently open.



    Click here to sign out of the eG administrative interface.

    If your user profile has monitoring rights, then a Monitor tab will appear, clicking on which will enable you to login to the eG monitoring console, without having to log out of the admin interface. By default, clicking on the tab will open the monitor interface in the currently open window itself. If you want the console to open in a separate window instead, click on the newwin symbol next to the tab page name Monitor.

    In addition to the tools mentioned above, the eG management console now embeds an intelligent search capability. Regardless of which interface you are on (admin/monitor) or what you are doing, you can instantly check on the status of the mission-critical servers, services, segments, and zones using this intuitive search engine. All you need to do is use any of eG’s pre-configured search prefixes and add your search condition to it, and upon clicking the Search icon, within seconds, the element you are searching for and its current status will be made available to you. The default pre-configured search prefixes are Service, Segment, Component, Zone, VM/Desktop and User. The User search is limited to the users who are currently logged into the VM/Desktop.