Working with the eG SuperManager

To understand the working of the eG SuperManager better, let us take the case of an environment that is distributed across New York and Ohio. Individual managers have been installed in New York and Ohio respectively, to monitor the status of IT operations in each of these cities. For an overall status report, an eG SuperManager has been configured at Chicago.

Prior to accessing the SuperManager, let us login to the New York and Ohio managers, to view their current status and current alarms. Figure 3 depicts the current issues affecting New York’s performance.

Figure 3 : Alarms reported by the New York manager

Figure 4 depicts the issues reported by the Ohio manager.

Figure 4 : Alarms reported by the Ohio manager

Next, login to the eG SuperManager at Chicago. To do so, type the URL: http://<IP of the SuperManager>:<Port number of the SuperManager>. If the SuperManager is SSL-enabled, then replace http with https. Figure 5 will then appear.

Figure 5 : The SuperManager login