TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (EMS) is fully compliant Java Message Service (JMS) implementation from TIBCO with some enterprise-class enhancements. The Java Message Service makes it easy to write business applications that asynchronously send and receive critical business data and events.

Issues in the performance of the Tibco EMS can therefore obstruct the exchange of critical data across the environment, stalling key business transactions in the process and causing significant loss of revenue and reputation. It is therefore imperative to monitor the Tibco EMS.

eG Enterprise provides end-to-end monitoring of an IT infrastructure. While monitoring a the Tibco EMS sever, eG Enterprise analyzes the performance of the server in the light of the relationship it shares with other components in the environment, and accordingly determines the state of the server. This approach to monitoring enables eG Enterprise to accurately pinpoint the root-cause of problems that might occur in the environment.