Monitoring Tibco EMS Servers

eG Enterprise offers a dedicated Tibco EMS monitoring model that continuously monitors the Tibco EMS, and proactively alerts administrators to potential performance bottlenecks.

Figure 1 : The layer model of the Tibco EMS Server

Using the metrics reported by this model, the following questions can be accurately answered:

  • What is the current mode of operation of the server - active, inactive, or fault-tolerant standby mode?
  • What is the total queue and topic load imposed by applications on the EMS Server? What type of queues and topics are maximum on the server?
  • Are too many connections to the server idle?
  • How busy is the EMS server in terms of the number of sessions it is handling?
  • Are there any messages for durable subscriptions on the server?
  • How many applications are sending messages and retrieving messages from the server?
  • Are there too many pending messages on the server? Which queue/topic has the maximum number of pending messages?
  • Are the pending messages too heavy? Which queue/topic contains the heaviest pending messages?
  • Is there very little free message memory on the server?
  • Which queue/topic on the server is static? Which queues/topics are dynamic or temporary?
  • Which user to the server has the maximum number of sessions and connections open on the server?
  • Are any durable subscribers offline currently?
  • Are there too messages awaiting delivery to any durable subscriber?
  • The heaviest pending message is meant for which durable subscriber?
  • Has the log file utilized its maximum allocated space?