The BEA Tuxedo system is a middleware product that distributes applications across multiple platforms, databases, and operating systems using message-based communications and, if desired, distributed transaction processing. Middleware is used with client/server applications to distribute processing among multiple servers, manage distributed transactions, and integrate multiple database platforms. Middleware systems are sometimes known as “on-line transaction processing” or “OLTP” systems.

The BEA Tuxedo system provides the following:

  • An industry standard for the creation and central administration of distributed on-line transaction applications in a heterogeneous client/server environment.
  • Ease of use for application developers, who do not need to know all the details about server locations, routing, or platforms used. In a BEA Tuxedo application, these aspects of a program are transparent.
  • The fundamental underpinnings for creating, managing, and maintaining reliable, high performance, easily managed distributed systems.

These powerful capabilities have made the BEA Tuxedo system a key component in IT infrastructures delivering mission-critical services to end-users. A system malfunction can therefore, delay service delivery, and cause the business to suffer colossal losses. To avoid such repercussions, it is best to monitor the performance of the Tuxedo domain server on a continuous basis. This is exactly what eG Enterprise does!