Platform-Independent Monitoring of Tuxedo Domain Servers

Figure 1 depicts the Tuxedo monitoring model, which is capable of extracting performance metrics from Tuxedo Domain servers executing on any Windows or Unix platform.


Figure 1 : The Tuxedo monitoring model

Each layer of this model is mapped to tests that executes platform-independent API commands on the Tuxedo Domain server to pull out useful statistics from the server. You can use these metrics to answer the following performance queries related to the Tuxedo Domain server:

  • Does the database connection pool have adequate free connections?
  • Do you need to resize the database connection pool?
  • Are there any idle/inactive administration servers? If so, which ones?
  • Is any administration server overloaded?
  • Have too many transactions to the Tuxedo Domain server aborted?
  • Is any service unavailable on the server?
  • Are any services overloaded with requests?
  • How many servers, services and interfaces have registered with the Bulletin Board? How many of these are currently available?
  • Are there any idle users to the server? If so, which client has the user logged in from?